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is a comprehensive review of everything real estate related in the Greater Cincinnati area. Topics range from pocket listings, investment property, first time homebuyers, luxury property, diverse neighborhoods, short sales and foreclosures, to lending trends, getting started in selling real estate, inspection issues, appraisals, title issues and home staging tips. This podcast is for buyers and sellers (and aspiring real estate agents). Hosted by Derek Tye and Brandon Wesley of The Tye Group with Keller Williams Realty, experts with more than 750 home sales. Other guests too!
  1. HUD and Foreclosure Properties in Greater Cincinnati
    • Episode 17 — Apr 4, 2016 (12 min.) PlaySave
    • Derek Tye and Scott Evans with The Tye Group and RE/MAX United Associates explain the HUD sale process for foreclosed homes.
  2. It's All About Timing
    • Episode 16 — Oct 7, 2015 (21 min.) PlaySave
    • This episode will be helpful to both buyers and sellers. Is spring really the best time to put your home on the market? When does the market actually slow down and is that necessarily a bad thing? Take a peek behind the psychology of timing and hear real life examples of the difference timing makes when it comes to buying a home and putting your home on the market.
  3. Everything You Wanted to Know About Home Inspections
    • Episode 15 — Oct 6, 2015 (30 min.) PlaySave
    • Derek and Brandon interview Chris Heywood, a professional home and fire inspector with Horizon Point Home Inspections. They cover everything from reasons for hiring a home inspector, how to know if an inspector is reputable, who pays for the home inspection and the most common issues that arise from a home inspection. Other subjects include aluminum wiring, radon, termites and other insects, and the unique characteristics of older homes.
  4. Real Estate Buyers Frequently Asked Questions
    • Episode 14 — Jul 7, 2015 (32 min.) PlaySave
    • Derek and Brandon discuss the most frequently asked questions by home buyers. These include: Do I need to get pre-approved, will my agent know my personal information and credit history, how much does a buyer's agent cost me, what about a home inspection, types of inspections, do I get occupancy at closing, etc. Lots of fun on this topic! With Derek Tye and Brandon Wesley.
  5. Real Estate Home Staging
    • Episode 13 — Jul 6, 2015 (36 min.) PlaySave
    • Derek and Brandon interview Jo Potvin from Design to Market Home Staging. They discuss advantages of getting your home ready for the market with a professional. She also brings up current design trends, value of different improvements, bang for your buck, etc. Even with a limited budget, stagers can help you make a big difference with your home. Don't miss! With Derek Tye, Brandon Wesley and Jo Potvin.
  6. Over The Rhine Update
    • Episode 12 — Jun 5, 2015 (29 min.) PlaySave
    • This week Derek interviews Rob Sheil, Executive Director at Cornerstone Corporation for Shared Equity about a unique program helping Over the Rhine residents build equity through renting apartments. Rob talks about some fun and exiting news happening in that area and shares some tips. With Derek Tye and Rob Sheil.
  7. Rating the Burbs with Cincy Magazine
    • Episode 11 — Jun 4, 2015 (34 min.) PlaySave
    • This week's special guest is Corinne Minard, Managing Editor of Cincy Magazine. Derek interviews her on the latest edition of the Rating the Burbs annual feature that just came out. Individual Greater Cincinnati neighborhoods are discussed in detail. With Derek Tye and Corinne Minard.
  8. Home Sellers Most Frequently Asked Questions
    • Episode 10 — Jun 3, 2015 (33 min.) PlaySave
    • Derek and Brandon discuss many questions that sellers ask when listing and selling their home. Showing times, buyers issues, when to move out, what to expect at showings, feedback from buyers, process of listing a home and much more.
  9. Real Estate Title Issues, Questions and Insurance
    • Episode 9 — Jun 2, 2015 (35 min.) PlaySave
    • Derek and Brandon interview John Yonas from American Homeland Title Company. They discuss big issues when buying and selling real estate. John is a real estate attorney with lots of experience in dealing with real estate title issues.
  10. New Construction Tips and Advice
    • Episode 8 — May 19, 2015 (33 min.) PlaySave
    • This episode goes over many terms used in the purchase and selection process of building a new home. Derek has been representing builders for 11 years and has a wealth of knowledge in this area. They also discuss lot selection, building restrictions and other hot topics. With Derek Tye and Brandon Wesley.
  11. Home Loans and Mortgage Terms, Tips and Strategies
    • Episode 7 — May 18, 2015 (29 min.) PlaySave
    • This episode goes over many terms used in the purchase and refinance of home loans including FHA, VA, Jumbo Loans, Conventional loans, and Bridge loans. This episode is a wealth of knowledge on putting together strategies for both buyers and sellers who are looking to buy. We also discuss the importance of getting pre-approved. With Derek Tye, Brandon Wesley and Michael Haman.
  12. Short Sales and Foreclosures
    • Episode 6 — May 11, 2015 (32 min.) PlaySave
    • Derek interviews Scott Evans, REO expert. Derek talks to Scott about short sales and foreclosures. Buyer and seller tips for both. Hosted by Derek Tye.
  13. Real Estate Jargon Acronyms and Terms
    • Episode 5 — May 4, 2015 (28 min.) PlaySave
    • Decoding real estate jargon acronyms and terms like MLS, FP, LL, HWD FLS, FHA, VA, WO, ETC! Hosted by Derek Tye and Brandon Wesley.
  14. How to Get into the Real Estate Business
    • Episode 4 — Apr 27, 2015 (21 min.) PlaySave
    • Derek interviews Yevette Jessen, broker for Re/Max United Associates, on how to get into the real estate business. What is it like to be a Realtor? Common misconceptions about the "business." Hosted by Derek Tye.
  15. Pocket Listings
    • Episode 3 — Apr 20, 2015 (23 min.) PlaySave
    • What is a Pocket Listing? What about Pocket Buyers? For Sale By Owner Tips to sell and required documents. Hosted by Derek Tye and Brandon Wesley.
  16. Hot Neighborhoods in the Greater Cincinnati Area
    • Episode 2 — Apr 13, 2015 (31 min.) PlaySave
    • Hot neighborhoods in the Greater Cincinnati area with detailed descriptions. First Time Homebuyer tips. Hosted by Derek Tye and Brandon Wesley.
  17. Podcast Introduction and Market Information
    • Episode 1 — Apr 6, 2015 (30 min.) PlaySave
    • Introduction to our podcast. General Market Statistics in Greater Cincinnati. How to identify a real estate expert. Hosted by Derek Tye and Brandon Wesley.
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Derek Tye
Derek Tye: President of The Tye Group, a team with Keller Williams Realty. Derek brings a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and Marketing plus a wealth of past corporate experience to lead this award winning team. Having earned the the 2010 Realtor of the Year Award from the Southern Ohio Association of Realtors, Derek has proven success. He is also the #1 Realtor on ranked by user reviews. In 2014 he closed $30,000,000 in transactions with a team of 3 agents and 1 full time assistant. With a focus on technology, he has developed over twenty comprehensive buyer and seller websites in addition to a winning marketing program. Past President of the Southern Ohio Association of Realtors and current President of the Montgomery Ohio Chamber of Commerce, Derek also knows how to network and give back. He resides with his wife and five children in Montgomery, Ohio. You can email Derek today or call the office at 513-549-7469.
Brandon Wesley
Brandon Wesley: Real Estate Agent. Brandon has lived in the Greater Cincinnati area for more than 25 years -- From Landen to Mariemont, Anderson to Western Hills and everywhere in between. Living in over 26 different homes, including two out of state, and growing up in a family of Real Estate agents, he understands moving and what it takes to relocate successfully. Whether it be purchasing a home or selling, in your current subdivision or moving in from out-of-town, he can help.
“My promise to everyone I work with is diligence and respect in the purchase/sale of their home and to bring my experience to the table to make your experience at the ‘table’ as seamless as possible for you and your family.”
Remember.....Choose Wisely. Choose Wesley.
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